Our Aims

The Mandala Trust, aims for the future

Mama Upendo

Mama Upendo’s Children’s Project in Kenya, where the Mandala Trust has funded furniture, educational equipment, books and staff training.


Our aims

  • Good governance To develop and demonstrate good governance: to each other, to our donors, to our partners, to the Charity Commission and to the people we assist.
  • Fundraising and publicity To raise the Mandala Trust profile in the wide community, to spread the practice of generosity and create a network of support.
  • Effective use of funds
    • To continue to support existing recipients where they have one-off costs relating to a new development or new activity.
    • To add at least two new projects each year.
  • Operation Kindness To continue to offer support and guidance in the development of the Operation Kindness initiative.
  • Communications To further develop communications with existing and potential donors, and to use web trends and technologies to promote our vision and the projects we support.