Our Projects

Our Projects, past and present


“Thank you, again, for your generous contributions to the Ludoteca Child Care Centre in Pisco,
Peru. Your donations allow the continued operation of this place of learning and caring.”
Bryan Condon, Grant Writer, Pisco Sin Fronteras

Mama Upendo Children’s Trust, Kenya

  • In 2007 there were 250,000- 300,000 children living and working on the streets across Kenya
  • The majority of these children were not participating in any form of formal or non-formal education
  • Children at risk of harassment, violence, drug taking and trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse
  • Mama Upendo Childrens Home offers a safe and loving place for some of these children near Kitui Town, Kenya
  • Through Mandala Trust support the nursery class has been furnished throughout and equipped with educational equipment/books
  • We have enabled the training of two staff members in Early Childhood Development teaching methods to support the younger children at the home


Lang’ata Women and Children Library, Kenya

  • The Mandala Trust provided funding towards a brand new library at Lang’ata Women’s Prison in Nairobi.
  • The new facility will provide more than six hundred women and children, as well as prison staff and their families, with access to a wealth of relevant educational materials and supported learning opportunities such as book clubs, debates and creative writing.
  • The library, alongside the training of library assistants, will provide the Lang’ata prison community with a remarkable resource to support access to education.
  • The library itself will play an invaluable role in seeing prisons in Kenya as places of positive transformation.


Lighthouse Relief (Refugee support) Child Friendly Space, Ritsona camp, Greece

Lighthouse relief

  • In 2016, women and children (including unaccompanied minors) accounted for roughly 57% of asylum seekers arriving in Europe, adding to the highest level of refugee children since World War II.
  • Mandala Trust supports the work of Lighthouse Relief in the Ritsona camp near Athens, Greece.
  • Supports a child friendly space run by independent volunteers and the refugee communities themselves, providing love, play, and a variety of educational activities for the children.
  • Supports a mother and baby centre – a warm, clean and relaxed sanctuary where advice, essential supplies and targeted food distribution is provided.
  • On a practical level, an industrial sized fridge for the children’s milk, food items and medicines has also been purchased.


Saclepea School Library and Electrification Project, Liberia


  • Liberia was in civil war between 1989 and 1996, and again between 1999 and 2003. At least 250,000 people were murdered with 50,000 of them children.
  • Life expectancy in Liberia is 57 years, with 51% of children under 18 orphaned, and 40% of children under the age of 5 suffering from malnutrition.
  • Saclepea School in Nimba County, North East Liberia, lies on the Guinea border where there was a serious Ebola outbreak in 2014/15.
  • The Mandala Trust have renovated the school library, provided core text books for the students and funded an electrification project for the school.


Thessaloniki Refugee Solidarity Movement, Greece


  • The Syrian civil war displaced 11 million people with four million refugees fleeing the country, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and across Europe.
  • A quarter of those seeking refuge in Europe are children.
  • Locals in Thessaloniki, Greece started showing solidarity with the refugees by providing water, fruit, bread and toys for the children.
  • The Mandala Trust provided funding to purchase large catering tents, kitchen equipment, electric heaters and catering provisions in order to support the refugees crossing the border at Eidomeni with hot food and drinks, information and support, and a warm place to rest before the harrowing journey ahead.


Nepal Earthquake Relief


  • On Saturday, April 25, 2015 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal
  • The disaster killed more than 8,800 people and destroyed nearly 600,000 homes
  • The Mandala Trust partnered with the Bhwasa Community Medical Centre to provide an emergency response
  • Food, clothing and basic medical supplies were provided to those effected in extremely remote communities


Child Rights to Liberty and Education Project, Sangamner, India


  • Caste discrimination is rife in India, and the caste system, with its endorsement of inequality at birth, condemns millions to a life of poverty and exclusion.
  • The Mandala Trust provided funding to the Karuna Trust and their partner the National Institute of Sustainable Development who are working to tackle this problem.
  • A project giving 3,800 Dalit children the opportunity to access their rights to education has been rolled out, reducing their chances of entering child labour.


Bhwasa Community Medical Centre, Nepal


  • New centre aims to provide medical care and educational programs for isolated community in rural Nepal
  • Villagers old and young previously having to make 4 hour bus journey to hospital in Kathmandu
  • Centre will serve 14,000 local people
  • £100 feeds and clothes a child for one year, and supplies their school uniform, books, and equipment
  • £6 pays for a warm blanket
  • The full value of the initial grant generously donated by Rehabilitation Network Ltd


Caritas Jerusalem Gaza Health Centre, Gaza, Palestine


  • The Mandala Trust partnered with Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians (IMAP) to support children and young people affected by the Israeli attacks on Gaza.
  • The health centre provides primary healthcare and an integrated medical programme to the local community.
  • On top of medical care, the team provides much-needed psychological help to the victims of the surrounding violence.
  • And as well as therapeutic help, they also provide leisure activities for children and young people.


FAWEZA School Libraries Project, Zambia


  • Gender inequality is a significant challenge in Zambia, with a lack of access to education for girls and young women diminishing life chances and perpetuating the cycle of inequality/poverty.
  • The Mandala trust partnered with FAWEZA who helped identify the most disadvantaged girls schools.
  • 10 new libraries were stocked and operationalized enhancing the opportunity for girls and young women to study.


Dudmegn Elementary School, Woreta, Ethiopia


  • The Mandala Trust supported the work of Link Ethiopia with this project
  • Funds went towards the construction of a new waterstation
  • Previously only 4 water taps were available to the 2,000 students, and only 2 of these were in working condition


Hora Arsedy Elementary School, Bishoftu, Ethiopia


  • The Mandala Trust supported the work of Link Ethiopia with this project
  • Funds went towards the construction of a new toilet block
  • Previously the school had only one very small toilet block used by around 800 students and staff
  • The new block is also accessible for disabled students


Kerahora Primary School, Bishoftu, Ethiopia


  • For this project The Mandala Trust partnered with Link Ethiopia
  • Funds went towards the construction of a new toilet block, as the school of 1,000 students was without any satisfactory sanitation facilities
  • It was constructed so that it would be accessible to the disabled students at the school


‘Apoyo a la madre solo’ domestic violence support centre, Argentina


  • The Mandala Trust supports this valuable work offering support to victims of domestic violence in Venado Teurto, Argentina
  • Funded the construction of a new 10 bed shelter for women and children in need of a safe and loving environment
  • A regular donation would help towards the development of income generation strategies designed to ensure long term sustainability of the project


The Khanyisa Programme, South Africa


  • The Khanyisa programme uses transformative education techniques and the Southern African concept of Ubuntu to support young men and boys in exploring their own attitudes and beliefs around gender inequality, gender based violence, HIV and AIDS, power and peace
  • The Mandala Trust supported Khanyisa workshops and wilderness based camps, research into the model and activism by the young men and boys in the form of a street protest for gender equality, the first of its kind in KwaSani municipality
  • £10 will pay for one young man to attend a Khanyisa camp


Sareka Cambodia, Cambodia


  • Children and families given an alternative to scavenging on the Sihanoukville dump-site
  • Children’s painting project set up with Mandala support in 2006
  • Paper recycling project launched with Mandala support in 2008
  • Medical supplies and food provided to multiple children and families
  • Children protected from the sex trade
  • £10 will pay for basic food and medical supplies for one family for one week


Ludoteca Children’s Centre, Pisco, Peru


  • Many families still in tents after the earthquake in August 2007
  • 40 children each day fed, warm, playing, learning
  • £10 per month is one fifth of Ludoteca running costs


The Khuphuka Project, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


  • £25,000 pounds given from London Insight meditation via the Mandala Trust towards buildings and a 4X4 vehicle
  • Quality home based care services delivered to those living with and affected by HIV, AIDS and TB
  • The needs of orphaned or at risk children identified and appropriate responses developed to ensure their protection
  • Advocacy service which supports service users to access their rights in the areas of health and social security
  • Food security addressed through permaculture gardening and emergency food parcels
  • Research, creation and development of innovative HIV and AIDS awareness and education programs
  • 10 pounds per month will help significantly towards medication, food parcels, child protection and running costs


Thunzi Primary School, KwaZulu Natal


  • Funds given for the materials to build a kitchen
  • 70 children given a meal of rice, beans and veg every day
  • well built, waterproof kitchen with a chimney replaced corrugated iron wreck
  • local cooks now have good working conditions
  • £10 per month would provide books and equipment for 2 children for a year


Yellow River Soup Kitchen, Xian, China


  • Funds given to equip and weather-proof a crude rural school
  • Tony and many local volunteers feed, clothe and restore the dignity of many homeless people each day
  • extreme rural poverty discovered taking emergency supplies to remote areas , 2009 earthquake
  • no official acknowledgement of rural deprivation
  • £10 per month feeds 34 people, or buys books and equipment for 20 kids


Anandwan (Forest of Joy), India


  • Since the founding of Anandwan, 3 primary schools have been started for children affected by leprosy and also specialist schools for visually impaired and hearing impaired children
  • The Mandala trust have supported the Anandwan schools with solar powered water heaters and water purifiers, mosquito nets, shoes and clothing for the students
  • £10 will purchase mosquito nets for 2 children, protecting them from a number of potentially life threatening illnesses


Tong-Len, Dharamsala, India


  • Hostel for homeless street children opened through Mandala funding in 2003, providing a loving family environment, nutritious food and medical care, and educational support and recreational activity
  • Children enrolled in the local school with outstanding results, many are top of the class
  • Health and education programmes developed to serve the marginalised communities that the children originated from
  • £10 will buy schoolbooks and writing materials for one child


Kulungile, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


  • Kulungile launched in 2011
  • Sister Abigail has fostered or adopted over 100 children affected by the AIDS pandemic in South Africa
  • The Mandala Trust has offered organisational support and funding towards building improvements
  • A regular gift of £10 would significantly help Abigail to continue to care for her growing family