Projects – Bhwasa Community Medical Centre

Bhwasa Community Medical Centre, Nepal

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Founded by the Buddhist nun Venerable Lobsang Khando, the recently established Bhwasa Community Medical Centre aims to provide medical care and educational programmes for this isolated local community in rural Nepal. The only health post in the Bhwasa area, the building has one room for medical supply storage and sterilization of equipment and a further two rooms for medical examination and treatment, and an office for the local nurse who runs and oversees clinics. There are also rooms set aside for living space for those who wish to volunteer long term in the village. Venerable Lobsang Khando’s intention was to make this a ‘living building’ that serves the community’s spiritual and physical health and well-being.

The total population is around 14,000 in the surrounding hills. The women of the village are subsistence farmers; if they are married, most husbands work away in other countries or as farmers themselves. The majority of the population is under the age of 35 and has no available transportation. The nearest hospital is 3 hours away, but this is a private hospital so most people travel to Kathmandu, 4 hours away by bus.

In the surrounding villages, there are small health posts and sub-health posts, but the healthcare offered is very basic. A shortage of trained nurses in these remote areas is a serious problem. This places the children who live there at great risk. Death rates for children born in these villages still remain high. The community health centre provides a place for the community nurses in the area to provide vaccines to the children of the local villages as well as other basic medical treatment.

The Mandala Trust has supported this wonderful organisation through the provision of medical equipment and medical supplies to equip the medical centre, and through supporting the welfare of local children who have been orphaned, ensuring they are loved, cared for, nourished and in receipt of a good education. All of this was made possible thanks to our new sponsor Rehabilitation Network Ltd, who generously donated the full value of the initial grant sought by Bhwasa.