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FAWEZA Zambia School Libraries Project, Zambia

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The FAWEZA Zambia School Libraries Project is an exciting initiative which involves great partnership working between the UK, Ireland and Zambia. Zambia is a country where extreme poverty is widespread and where girls in particular fare poorly in relation to education. The project oversaw the shipment of containers of both school books and school uniforms to ten identified girls’ secondary schools in Zambia to equip school libraries in order that the books can be used by as many students as possible.

The project was funded by the Mandala Trust and coordinated by a team of wonderful volunteers in Ireland and the UK who organised the donation of the school books from schools in Ireland/UK. The project was a partnership of the Mandala Trust, volunteers in Ireland and the UK and FAWEZA (Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia) who assisted us in identifying the most disadvantaged schools to work with in Zambia and who coordinated the work in-country.