Projects – Hora Arsedy Elementary School

Hora Arsedy Elementary School, Bishoftu, Ethiopia



Hora Arsedy Elementary School is located in Bishoftu town in Ethiopia. The school has 776 students from ages 7 to 15 (Grades 1 to 8). Classes are taught in a shift-system where half of the students attend school for four hours in the morning and the other half attend in the afternoon.

Access to sanitation is a basic human right without which children are susceptible to many diseases, several of which are leading causes of death for young Ethiopians. Before this project, Hora Arsedy School had only one very small toilet block that was shared between the staff and students and between men and women. This block consisted of a corrugated iron hut surrounding several holes in the ground, the doors did not shut properly and there was no access for disabled students.

Thanks to the work of Link Ethiopia, and the support of the Mandala Trust, the teachers and students of Hora Arsedy now have a brand new concrete toilet block, with separate male and female cubicles and a larger cubicle for disabled students. The impact of the project will be tangible; we hope to see fewer absences, especially for girls and disabled students. Furthermore, the school can now cater more effectively for disabled students enabling them to teach children who may have been unable to access school. The new toilet block will improve the working environment for staff and students allowing them to enjoy their time at school.