Projects – Kulungile

Kulungile, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Sister Abegail and child

Kulungile (iSiZulu for ‘it is well’) is a South African non-profit organisation led by Sister Abegail Ntleko. Abegail was originally a nursing sister and spent a decade leading local efforts to treat the AIDS pandemic which has swept across the country. Abegail was so deeply moved by the plight of the countless orphans left in the wake of this catastrophe that she started fostering children living with HIV, one by one. To date she has fostered and adopted over 100 children.

The Mandala Trust supported Abegail in launching the new organisation Kulungile in 2011 through organisational support in developing a constitution and applying for non-profit status, and through financial support for improvements and an extension to a house for Abegail and her growing family. Sister Abegail, who is a recipient of an ‘unsung heroes’ award from the Dalai Lama, remains an inspiration to us all.