Projects – Yellow River

Yellow River Soup Kitchen, Xi’an, China



Our friend Tony Day and his team continue to do fantastic work in Xi’an, central China, where the economic miracle hasn’t reached the homeless or the rural poor. At Yellow River soup kitchen, Tony and his 40-plus local volunteers (and, increasingly, others passing through) feed many homeless people three times a week. The very old, and people with mental and physical disabilities, all benefit, as do rural children who have been driven to become thieves, or worse.

The soup kitchen also provides clothes, blankets and warmth on cold winter days. After 2008’s devastating earthquake, Tony and friends took supplies into remote mountain areas. The Mandala Trust supported this effort with funds for windows, doors and heating, and to supply books to a school which had none. It was good to see photos of volunteers painting the classroom, repairing desks and playing with the children. Yellow River is an extraordinary project, overcoming obstacles which would have defeated most of us.