Our Aims

The Mandala Trust, aims for the future


School Children at the Yellow River School Project where The Mandala trust provided the funding for doors, windows and heating.

We aim

  • To develop and demonstrate good governance: to each other, to our donors, to our partners, to the Charity commission and to the people we assist.
  • To develop a volunteer base year on year.
  • To establish Mandala Trust outreach groups based on Buddhist or any faith centres/communities or any group where the members support our aims and are willing to work for the people we support.
  • To continue to support existing recipients where they have one-off costs relating to a new development or new activity.
  • To add at least two new projects each year and to cease assistance to existing projects once they are self-sufficient.
  • To develop the ‘Operation Kindness’ initiative with the following aims:
    • Develop and support a community of individuals, groups and organisations committed to the ethic of kindness.
    • Offer a creative space within which to imagine, discuss and actualise ideas around bringing kindness into our own hearts, our homes, our communities, institutions and the world at large.
    • Encourage individuals and groups to become engaged in ‘simple acts of kindness’ in their own communities or further afield.
    • Act as a resource for research, articles, inspirational film or text related to the ethic of kindness.